Samurai Jack

Long ago in a distant land, Aku commited an uspeakable evil but a foolish samurai warrior wielding a magical sword step forth to oppose him, but before the final struck was dealt, Aku tore open a portal into the future where his evil is law, now the samurai seeks to return and end the future that is AKU!!.

The shows follow a samurai but the future citizen calls him Jack as he tries to get back to the past and destroy Aku. Throughout the show he has to destroy tons of machines who tries to kill him, Jack doesnt kill humans or living things. Even though he has tons of chance to return, he ultimately chose to stay to help the people in the future suffering under Aku’s reign. The main character is Aku, the main antagonist is Aku and a lot of side characters. In my opinion, this shows is really good with non stop action. Every kid grows up with this show and thats why i think that everone is excited for the new 5th season that has recently came out. Ultimately Jack is a normal man with morality and he knows that nothing is ever black and white and i think this shows really shows this for example a robot is forced to kill Jack because his dog is captured and the only way to save him is to kill Jack.jackfeat


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