The Roman Empire

“All roads leads to Rome” that sentence alone has greatly emphasised the success that the Roman Empire has accomplised.

Started as a Republic, the foundations for the Empire was laid by Julius Caesar who has gained a considerable amount and power and influence during his campaign in Gaul.He was so successful that many people has considered him to be a threat. He was so successful that many senators have began to hatch a plan to oppose him but Caesar defied them and that’s how the civil war was started. Ultimately he won but after that, he was assassinated . His nephew and adopted son Gaius Octavius Thurinius or Augustus recruit Caesar’s old legion which was battle hardened through years of combat and crushed all that oppose him including Caesar’s right hand man Mark Antony. After this, Augustus crowned himself Emperor and created the Roman Empire . AFter this the empire continue to expand Eastward until the empire became to large for a single man to rule anymore and that marks the day that the Roman Empire was split into two The Western Roman Empire and the Eastern Roman Empire. As the West began to crumble and kill itself with civil war. The Barbarians invaded and has sack Rome itself several time but finally settling in Rome many years later, this marked the end of the West but not the East. In the East, they prosper, with bustling trade and an attempt to retake Rome by Emperor Justinian the 1st, and leading the expedition was the famous general Belisarrius. It failed.and in the 14th century Constantinople was sacked by the Ottoman Empire which also marked the end for the Roman EmpireROme


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