Why people play video game

Some people may have a psychological reason behind playing games, but, honsetly, you could ask a million people this question and get a million different answers.  Why do people play sports or read books or do anything other than work, really?  Because we like to do it.
I personally like games because they let me do things I’d never be able to do in real life.  I can explore crazy impossible places, charge into battle without suffering any real life consequenses, try to take over the world, pretty much anything.  I personally like open world sandbox-style games like Skyrim because of the sheer freedom you have.  It’s like watching a movie except you control the main character.

booming-games.mobile-fallbackAlso, there are a ton of different genres of video games out there and some are completely different from others.  Someone who plays shooter games might have no idea what to do if they tried to play a rhythm game like Guitar Hero.

The feeling of success or defeat. We try to improve our reactions to feelings like despair , depression , happiness and basically everything.
It’s like a war in your mind. You can’t win it at first. You have to train your soldiers your cavalry to defeat your enemy. By playing games you basically do this.
If you’re empathic enough you can feel just as a character feels in a game so that you can feel the depression of the character. At the and your character comes out of the fight as a hero, because he didn’t die in the fight. He feels awakened , enlightened , a bit frustrated and also lonely, but now he can stand these feelings and he can “survive” life.


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