Pirating have become a problem that any game developer, film director and any other occupation that require them to upload their work on the Internet for everyone to see but unluckily for them, their way of making money is being broken and people who pirate stuff instead of paying for that has access to it for free.
Pirating has become such a common act on the Internet, it has also appear for quite long and because of this many developer have thought of ways to block this act. For example To ward off unauthorized users, copyright holders can wrap their content in repellent code like the Windows Media DRM, creating an encrypted package. Furthermore online Content owners stay ahead by repeatedly changing the directive that locks AACS (a restriction scheme for Blu-ray), leaving hackers flailing. Whats more is that Online Rights holders have turned to professional snoops, like SafeNet and BayTSP, to patrol the lawless waters of P2P networks and gather IP addresses and other evidence of digital skullduggery. Not only that, online The music industry opts for a flood of lawsuits—often targeted at students, children, and the elderly. But fortune does not favour them for these methods doesnt always guarantee success because professional hackers can always find away around these security methods.
In my opinion, piracy is a bad thing for example music one copy only cost about 1 dollar or 99 cents but add all those 1 dollars or cents then you will get a really large amount of money which the creators are counting to come to them as those are their salary and without it they’ll sooner be eating dirt.images (6)


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